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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accident Lawyer
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Bicycle Accident Injuries in North-Central West Virginia

Car and bicycle accident.

Bicycle accidents are, unfortunately, common. When bicyclists and automobiles collide, the injuries suffered by the cyclist tend to be severe, and in many cases, result in death, disfigurement, paralysis, and/or other permanent disabilities to the bicycle rider.

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The Dangers That Bicyclists Face From Motor Vehicles

The following statistics demonstrate the dangers that bicyclists face from motor vehicles when participating in the healthy and environmentally conscious activity of bicycling:

  • 783 people suffered fatalities as a result of bicycle-motor vehicle crashes as of 2017.
  • Crashes injured approximately 45,000 bicyclists (this figure likely represents as few as ten percent of all reportable bicycle crashes).
  • Bicycle trips account for one percent of all trips in the US, but account for approximately two percent of all traffic fatalities.

Source: The Federal Highway Administration’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center of Chapel Hill, NC

Prejudice Against Bicyclists, Lack of Knowledge, & Incompetence

When bicycles and automobiles collide, the injured rider often faces a multitude of physical impairments aside from the devastating injuries, pain, suffering, loss of work, etc. These obstacles may include:

  • Prejudice against bicycle riders from motorists, juries, and the general public
  • The refusal of insurance companies to acknowledge the rights of bicyclists
  • The general lack of knowledge regarding bicycle operation, components, handling abilities, and value
  • Incompetence regarding how the law views bicyclists with respect in West Virginia

At the Law Office of Michael J. Romano, we know West Virginia state law and how it pertains to bicyclists. We are also experienced with successfully handling bicycle-related injury settlements and litigation within the court system.

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