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Serious Injuries in North-Central West Virginia

The Law Office of Michael J. Romano represents individuals who have suffered serious injuries from a variety of causes in West Virginia. Attorney Michael J. Romano and his associates have extensive experience securing the maximum financial compensation allowed by West Virginia state law for his clients. Let our law office assist you with your claim for your present and future damages as a result of the serious injuries that you have suffered.

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Serious injuries can occur from a variety of unfortunate circumstances, including:

  • Electric Shock & Electrocution
  • Malpractice
  • Workplace Injuries

Electric Shock Can Damage Tissues, Organs, Muscles, and the Brain

Electric Shock involves the uninterrupted flow of a powerful electrical current through the body. As this current travels through the body, it damages the tissues and organs as it passes through.

  • The heat and electrical current cause thermal damage and also disrupt or destroy the nerves and muscles. Extreme muscular contractions and damage to the nervous connections within the brain and the nervous system can be debilitating and cause permanent damage.
  • The injuries that can be caused by electrocution depend upon the strength of the current and the duration of the application.
  • In some cases death may be the result. Additionally, shock can cause ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest, and irreparable organ damage.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can involve a wide variety of acts including mistakes of omission, neglect, or other actions by a medical professional that result in the patient receiving substandard care that directly results in harm. Some examples of medical malpractice or neglect include:

  • Anesthesia Awareness (Consciousness During Surgery)
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Medical items left in the body following surgery
  • Surgery on the wrong body part

Workplace Injuries

There are many types of workplace injuries that can result in serious bodily injury or death. Typically, workers' compensation limits your right to secure damages beyond the scope of the workers' compensation system. However, there are exceptions that include:

  • Removal of guards and other safety devices
  • Defective products used at the workplace
  • Injury caused by a third party
  • Failure to follow known safety protocols and rules
  • Intentional or egregious conduct on the employer’s behalf
  • Toxic substances present at the work site

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury as a result of an employer’s neglect or recklessness, contact the Law Office of Michael J. Romano for a free consultation to discuss your case: 304-624-1100.