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Slip and Fall

Premises Liability Lawyer
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Slip and Fall (Premises Liability) Injuries in West Virginia

The Law Office of Michael J. Romano represents individuals who have suffered serious slip and fall injuries throughout West Virginia. We have an experienced team of compassionate and dedicated lawyers committed to securing the maximum compensation for your injuries that the law allows. Regardless of where it happens, slip and fall injuries occur fairly often, but remember, you are responsible to keep a lookout.

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Determining Liability for Slip and Fall Claims at Public Buildings

Slip and fall injury claims can be extremely complex. There are many factors that contribute to determining fault and placing liability for the fall and the financial responsibility for any medical bills and other losses incurred. Whether an individual trips or falls on a residential or commercial property, the case is considered a premises liability matter.

Persistent Conditions: Poor Lighting, Damaged Flooring, & Wet Floors

Some of the most common causes of slip and fall injuries include persistent dangerous conditions such as:

  • Damaged Flooring or Carpeting
  • Excessive, Sustained Snow & Ice Accumulation
  • Hidden Dangers (Potholes, Sharp or Slippery Objects, etc.)
  • Inadequate or Poor Lighting
  • Narrow Stairwells and/or No Hand Rails
  • Uneven Walking Surface
  • Wet Interior Floors

Duty of Care of Property Owner and Traveler

The property owner has a duty to maintain the property to reasonable standards of care. However, the traveler moving over or through the property also has a duty to maintain care to observe his surroundings and take evasive action, when possible.

Negligence on the part of the property owner must be clearly shown to exist for the property owner to be liable for any injuries sustained by an individual who slips and falls on the property. The property owner must have:

  • Been aware of the condition for some time and neglected to correct it
  • Caused the condition to exist

Every slip and fall case is unique and we must evaluate on an individual basis. Contact our law office to have your case reviewed to determine whether or not you might have a valid claim for your injuries. Call the Law Office of Michael J. Romano right now: 304-624-1100.