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Serious Workplace Injury

Workplace Injury Lawyer
Michael J. Romano of West Virginia


Claims for Liability Beyond Workers’ Compensation

The Law Office of Michael J. Romano of Clarksburg, WV, represents workers injured or killed on the job in North-Central West Virginia and throughout the entire State in cases where the failure to adhere to a known safety policy or regulation is the cause. Contact us online or call 304-624-1100 today to schedule your free consultation.

Michael J. Romano is a lawyer who handles workplace injury claims on behalf of workers who have suffered serious injuries and losses in the workplace or while working for an employer off-site. We assist injured workers with civil actions (litigation cases) to recover just compensation for a wide variety of workplace cases where the injuries are permanent and serious.  

Deliberate Intent Claims & Dangerous Work Conditions

At the Law Office of Michael J. Romano, we specialize in handling settlement or litigation cases for injuries that have resulted from “deliberate intent.” When an employer subjects his employees to a dangerous condition, this circumstance, referred to as deliberate intent, enables the injured worker to make a claim for liability damages in excess of any serious worker injury claims. Our law office will prepare your case for trial necessary to obtain just settlement or we will try the case to verdict.

Injured on the Job? Contact Attorney Romano in Clarksburg, WV

If your employer or a third-party contractor’s actions or negligence have caused your injuries on the job in Clarksburg, West Virginia, or anywhere in our service area, contact Attorney Romano right away. Some of the types of cases that we handle include those for employees who have been permanently injured as a result of:

  • Operating Unsafe Work Vehicles
  • Electrocution From Exposed Wiring
  • Inadequate or Missing Safety Devices and Procedures
  • Mining & Construction Equipment Failure
  • Improperly Maintained and Unsafe Equipment and Machinery
  • Poor Industrial Hygiene

The Law Office of Michael J. Romano can represent groups of individuals who are interested in seeking justice and fair financial settlement against the entity or entities that have caused them harm. To schedule a free consultation to discuss a possible class action lawsuit, contact the staff at the Law Office of Attorney Michael J. Romano today: 304-624-1100.